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Ueki-sans precision and fine attention to detail is a constant throughout the process of fittings and his finished garments.  

There is a correction to every fault at the fitting stages with careful pinning and readjustment of pattern on spot.  Notes on the customers every odd curve or line is jotted down in Ueki-sans black book.  

If it is the famous sprezzatura - the beautiful fault that you are looking for from Neapolitan tailors, it will have to come from within yourself. From the bold and finely stitched lapped seams to the simple beads of stitching throughout the garment - you can see that every pick and pull of Ueki-sans needle and thread is to chase down a Neapolitan version of the perfect jacket and suit.  

We are proud to have Ueki-san of Ciccio back in our store in Hong Kong on the 3rd and 4th of October.  Please email us at info@thearmoury.com for a spot

Seven fold tie by Tie Your Tie - Ueki-san of Ciccio
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Seven fold tie by Tie Your Tie - Ueki-san of Ciccio

Salvatore Ambrosi:
Giaccha di FormosaPantalone di AmbrosiCravatta di Tie Your TieCamicia di Formosa 
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Salvatore Ambrosi:

Giaccha di Formosa
Pantalone di Ambrosi
Cravatta di Tie Your Tie
Camicia di Formosa